2016 Cocos Island Malay Art Set of 4 MUH


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2 se-tenant pairs

This stamp issue celebrates creative culture on Cocos (Keeling) Islands. The Big Barge Art Centre, housed in a restored former working barge, is a local hub for fostering traditional and non-traditional art-making. Two of the centre’s recent community projects are Art Adrift and Art Afloat, the works of which express a vital connection with place, responding to the ebb and flow of life on the islands. In the long tradition of beachcombing, the artists have gleaned their materials from the shoreline, refashioning the flotsam to give it new meaning. While the artworks reflect the rhythms of island life – boats and sea floats, for example – they also respond to the pressing environmental problem of detritus borne across the waters on ocean currents.

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