Michel Full Colour Guide A5 Book Includes 2 Hole Templates (in German)


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Colour variations often determine the value of a stamp. However, people’s color perception is very subjective. The MICHEL color guide enables the objective color determination by comparing the brand colors with 600 pattern tiles. The practical perforation of each tile makes it easier to determine that the brand colour to be determined and that of the pattern tile come into direct contact with each other. It canĀ also be used in other fields of activities e.g. ornithology, archaeology, fashion and many more.


  • Supplied with hole template to help determine stamp’s color
  • 600 color tiles in graduated nuances
  • Determination of a total of 1056 colors
  • 114 basic shades in 5 shades each
  • Further tonal gradations of the colors white, gray and black
  • 31 color plates with the paper colors of the roll ends of German roller brands
  • Instructions for use in English, French, Italian and Spanish

Product information:

Edition: 38th edition, in color
Pages: 61
Format: 155 mm x 210 mm, ring binding

Additional information

Weight 500 g
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 2 cm


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