SAFE Philalux 3 Multi-tester UV Longwave and Shortwave Lamp with Built-in 3x Magnifiers


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SAFE Philalux 3 – New & Improved. Large 3x magnifier 135mm x 65mm. Power On/Magnetism Indicator Light for banknotes. Function Buttons for Longwave ultraviolet light, Shortwave ultraviolet light, Lightbox and Magnetism Tester . Magnetism sensor for US & World (not UK) banknote testing. Rub the magnetic thread or area printed with magnetic ink across the sensor. A genuine banknote will cause the power lighto change from red to green and a ‘Di-Di’ noise to be genereated. 2 tubes under removable top: Shortwave UV lamp 266nm with phosphor filter (for identifying phosphor bands and ‘all over’phosphor on Great Britain stamps) and Longwave UV lamp 365nm(for identifying fluorescent paper, inks, forgeries and repairs). Helps check authenticity of coins, banknotes, certificates, minerals, artwork etc, including security marks on Banknotes. Lightbox with large under-lit viewing area (from 7 watt white light lamp) for the investigation of paper construction, inks, watermarks etc. Round 22mm 12x magnifier. Power inlet (supply voltage 220V 50Hz). On/Off switch.

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Weight1500 g
Dimensions25 × 15 × 15 cm


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