Signoscope T3 Tester Watermark Detector Finder For Stamps By SAFE No.9893 Incl. Power Bank


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New Compact Model

  • For checking watermarks – repairs – preservation grades – quality defects – paper irregularities
  • 3 strong LED’s dimmable for illumination
  • Colour examination of collectibles with 8 different light colours
  • with 220 volt power adapter & USB cable

The small powerful brother improved from the large professional device Signoscope T2. The new Signoscopy T3 immediately brings to light what was previously hidden and makes watermark differences visible, meaning a significant value difference of the stamps.

The new T3 has become much more powerful, it works with 3 strong LEDs, which are also hardly susceptible to wear and very energy efficient. These LEDs to guarantee optimal illumination of the brand. The LED light sources are infinitely dimmable. How to find each stamp the optimal illumination, because it is not always said that a maximum light irradiation will bring out the watermark optimally.

The adjustment of the strength is made by moving the control knob up or down. (+ And -)

COLOUR: In addition, the stamp can be examined with 8 different light colors, which in turn are all dimmable. Watermarks can appear differently depending on the light color and can also be better recognized.

The following light colours are freely selectable in the device: Brown, red, green, blue, yellow, cyan, violet and, of course, white daylight as examination light.

These different colours can significantly improve the examination result, for example, by a (mainly) red-colored postage stamped with red light and thus the red ink, which shines through, inter alia, on the back of the brand, is virtually neutralized. The watermark now appears more clearly and is no longer disturbed by unwanted colour effects.

The choice of light colour is made by moving the Colour control button to the right and left.

Discover your treasures. It’s all so easy. And it works so fast. Simply place the stamp in your Signoscope T3. If your stamp has a watermark, then you will see it. In every detail. You see watermarks that you have never discovered using yesterday’s methods. Or not so fascinating in contrast. Not so hot.

In addition, Signoscope T3 check the grade of preservation, detect paper irregularities, quality defects, repairs, irregularities in stamping of the stamps and the like.

The Signosocpe T3 can be operated via the provided mains plug 220 V volts and the supplied USB cable.

Dimensions: approx. 130 x 70 x 185 mm.

Made in Germany by SAFE

Additional information

Weight600 g
Dimensions20 × 10 × 10 cm


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